Minister Marek Gróbarczyk: The process of building our ferries is proceeding without delays

Minister Marek Gróbarczyk

On Friday, July 21, Minister Marek Gróbarczyk had the opportunity to see the stage of construction of the first Ro-Pax ferry, which is being built at the J. Piłsudski “Remontowa” S.A. shipyard in Gdansk.

Production of the first Ro-Pax ferry, with construction number 101 for Polskie Promy, which will be operated by Unity Line, a company owned by Polish Steamship Company, began on October 24, 2022 with the cutting of the first plates.

The hull is produced and assembled at the Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk from sections formed partly with the participation of subcontracted companies, using block merging technology developed at the shipyard, using docking infrastructure. Each ferry will consist of six hull blocks and seven superstructure blocks, which will be built from 265 separate sections. One hull will weigh 11,000 tons.

After less than nine months of construction on the first of the ferries, the hull of the vessel is nearing completion. In the following weeks, the last blocks will be gradually delivered to the shipyard to be integrated into one unit.

During Friday’s visit, Minister Marek Gróbarczyk was able to see the progress of the ferry’s construction both from the perspective of the wharf and from the deck of the shipyard’s tugboat Panda. Accompanied by Adam Ruszkowski, president of Remontowa Holding S.A., Michal Habina, president of Gdansk Shipyard “Remontowa” S.A., the builders of the ferry and representatives of Polskie Promy, he also visited the interior of the future engine room, where the engines supplied by the manufacturer were placed in June. Earlier, the minister also had the opportunity to see the shipowner’s warehouse, where more components needed for the construction of Ro-Pax are waiting, including the azimuth thrusters delivered in July for the first of the ferries.

Photo: Sławomir Lewandowski /

– I had no doubts about the realization of this project, while in light of the false information circulating among the public, such a visit was needed to indicate actually how advanced the construction of the first Ro-Pax vessel is. I can confirm that the entire construction process of our ferries is proceeding without delay. This confirms the professional construction process and the professionalism of the Gdansk Shipyard “Remontowa”, which is carrying out the construction. It also shows the power of the domestic shipbuilding industry, which handles such investments very well,” said Minister Marek Gróbarczyk.

The minister is satisfied with the cooperation with Gdansk Shipyard “Remontowa”.

– The shipowner’s cooperation with the contractor is exemplary, taking into account that the investment is extremely complicated. We wish that the other investments we make in the shipbuilding field were carried out in such good cooperation. Once again, this confirms the extraordinary professionalism of Gdansk Shipyard “Remontowa” S.A., which is one of the best shipyards in the world,” Minister Gróbarczyk stressed.



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