Maritime survival

Maritime survival training

Prolonged stay in individual and collective means of survival is an obligatory training that ship crews undergo as a part of sea rescue classes. On Monday, 13 September, the crew of the ORP Zbyszko rescue ship trained in the Gulf of Gdańsk in surviving at sea in an emergency situation.

The training began with the assignment of rescue equipment. After launching the life raft, each crew member was tasked with jumping into the water from the deck of the ship and swimming at least two lengths.

Once inside the life raft, the crew stays inside for a few hours, getting to know the equipment and discussing the basic rules of survival – this is the scenario of the training that periodically takes place on every Navy ship.
It is usually preceded by training in a swimming pool, where, in controlled conditions, the crews perfect their skills in the use of individual and collective means of rescue.

Each rescue exercise at sea is aimed at improving the efficiency, perfecting the rescue procedures, looking for new cooperative solutions as well as facilitating the actual rescue operations.

Ships of the “Zbyszko” type conduct underwater work and perform diving and search-and-rescue tasks. They are adapted to rescue human lives and property at sea. The crews include groups of divers who can carry out underwater works to the depth of 50 metres. These vessels can provide assistance to victims of accidents at sea and, if necessary, to fire-fighting vessels.

Photo: Bsmt Michał Pietrzak / 3. FO



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