Maritime Accident Commission: fall of a child and woman from a ferry was caused by a conscious act

There was no accident on the Stena Spirit ferry, the woman and child fell overboard as a result of a conscious act, the Danish Maritime Accident Commission said on Monday. On Thursday, two Polish citizens – a 36-year-old woman and a 7-year-old boy – fell off the ferry; they were found but died in hospital.

At the weekend, experts from Denmark analysed witness statements and the CCTV recording. “It is clear that this was not an accident”. – stated the head of the commission, Oessur Jarleivson Hilduberg, in a statement to radio station P4 Blekinge.

The Danish Maritime Accident Commission opened an investigation into the fall of the child and the woman from the ferry, as the ship is flying the flag of Denmark. As it was deemed that there was no accident, the case will be transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk has been investigating the murder of the child and the mother’s attempt on her life since Saturday. The Swedish prosecutor’s office in Karlskrona has classified the crime as murder.

On Thursday afternoon, Polish citizens, a 7-year-old boy and a 36-year-old woman, the child’s mother, fell off the Stena Spirit ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona, Sweden. The ship turned back. A boat was immediately launched and took part in the search operation. After about an hour, the woman and child were found and taken to hospital in Karlskrona.

Rescue services from Sweden and Poland were working at the scene using ships and helicopters. On Friday morning, KGP spokesman Insp. Mariusz Ciarka reported that the boy and the woman had died.


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