Longest drilling in onshore section of Baltic Pipe gas pipeline continues

In Lubuskie Voivodeship, works on a drilling under the Warta River are being carried out. This is the longest trenchless crossing in Poland carried out using the Direct Pipe technology on the route of a gas pipeline with a diameter of 1000 mm. In total, the drill will be 1400 m. long and its construction will be completed in January 2022.

-The trenchless drilling technology used by GAZ-SYSTEM enables crossing geologically or urbanisation difficult areas in a minimally invasive manner. In the overland section of the Baltic Pipe pipeline, we will use this technology in 120 crossings, e.g. roads, viaducts and rivers – said Krzysztof Jackowski, Vice-President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

The drilling of the borehole under the Warta River was launched on 24 November 2021, but preparations had already been underway since September. At that time, the pipes were welded together and divided into four sections, each weighing over 200 tonnes. The connected sections underwent a preliminary leakage test. The facilities required for the drilling were also prepared, including a 6×42 m starting chamber. The gas pipeline to be laid has a diameter of 1,000 mm and the drill head has a diameter of 1,110 mm. In total, the drilling will be 1400 m long, and the gas pipeline itself will be installed at a depth of approximately 30 m (at its lowest point it will be at a depth of 40 m). The expected completion date for the drilling is estimated to be mid-January 2022.

The onshore part of the Balic Pipe consists of the construction of two gas pipelines: Goleniów-Lwówek and Niechorze-Płoty and the construction of three compressor stations. The borehole under the Warta River is located on the route of the Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline. A total of 98 trenchless crossings were planned along this construction route, including 93 jackings and microtunnels, 1 HDD and 4 Direct Pipe crossings. Currently, 97 of them have been completed, including crossings of the Ina, Pełcz and Krąpiel rivers. The crossing under the Warta River will be the last trenchless drilling on this gas pipeline.


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