Italian destroyer Caio Duilio re-moored in Navy harbour

Italian Horizon-type missile destroyer Caio Duilio

The Italian Horizon-type missile destroyer Caio Duilio (side number D554) entered the Naval Port of Gdynia on Thursday morning.

As the spokeswoman of the 3rd Flotilla of Ships named after kmdr Bolesław Romanowski, kmdr ppor Anna Sech, told PAP, the Italian destroyer Caio Duilio entered the Gdynia Naval Port at around 8 a.m. on Thursday. The ship will replenish supplies and plans to go to sea on Monday.

The vessel is 153 metres long and 20.3 wide. The destroyer is armed with a PAAMS missile system with 48 vertical launchers for Aster 15/Aster 30 anti-aircraft missiles (combat range – 30 and 120 km). The ship also has eight Otomat anti-ship missile launchers and is equipped with 25 and 76mm cannons and torpedo launchers.

Caio Duilio reaches a speed of 29 knots (approximately 54 km/h). It has an airstrip and hangar for a helicopter. The vessel’s crew numbers 230.

The ship entered service with the Italian Navy on 22 September 2011. The vessel was named after a Roman commander from the Punic War period, who was victorious in the naval battle of Mylae in 260 BC.

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