INTREMARE South Baltic Maritime Economy Exhibition ON LINE – comming soon!


Collaboration among small and medium-sized companies in the maritime sector is an opening for a better tomorrow and—once coupled with its reach across a wider area—provides great opportunities for growth, finding new solutions in business and establishing cooperation that, until recently, could only be dreamed of.

How do EU projects, specifically those addressed to the countries of the South Baltic Region, promote small and medium-sized enterprises, pro-environmental activities and extensive cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation? Is small and medium-sized business a major and significant player in the international market? All this will be demonstrated by the InterMarE South Baltic Project, implemented as part of the Interreg South Baltic Programme, co-funded under the 2014–2020 European Regional Development Fund.

The MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. is the Leader of the InterMarE Project, ongoing since 2017. The Project is dedicated to small and medium-sized companies operating in the maritime economy sector, aimed at establishing and developing cooperation, and at promoting the green and blue economy in the South Baltic Sea Region. It will culminate in the InterMarE South Baltic Maritime Economy Exhibition, 20–22 April 2021.

The 16th Balt Military Expo, edition 2021, will be held at the same time as InterMarE. Having these two events on the same dates, in a single virtual space, will enable the entire broadly-defined maritime industry to meet.

Held ONLINE, the exhibitions will make use of the functions of virtual exhibition stands, where the possibilities of presenting and promoting companies are practically unlimited and especially tailored to the needs of the exhibitors. It will also be possible to have real-time meetings with business partners, present companies through videos, pre-recorded promotional materials and speaker presentations broadcast from the studio. Also worth mentioning are product displays in the form of brochures which can be downloaded from the stands, alongside company presentations or advertisements aired to all Participants from the events’ main stage. All these technological solutions provide brand new business opportunities and significantly increase the range of promotion and presentation of the Exhibitors’ portfolio in the entire South Baltic Region and beyond.

The participating companies include shipyards, arms manufacturers, makers of equipment and furnishings for ships and vessels, technology companies, offshore companies, yacht yards, manufacturers of equipment for offshore facilities and platforms, alongside companies which specialise in maritime law and insurance, brokerage and sea tourism agencies.

The following conferences taking place during the events deserve special attention:

GreenMarE—a maritime conference with a European dimension and a purpose to search for innovative technical solutions; a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on ecology and environmental protection within the shipbuilding industry, including shipyards and design offices, propulsion manufacturers, Polish and European administration, classification and financial institutions. GreenMarE has been created out of the need to adapt the practical pro-environmental solutions used in the maritime economy to follow the specific time-bound laws and directives of the European Union and the guidelines of the International Maritime Organisation.

9th NATCON International Science and Technology Conference on Naval Technologies for Defence and Security. The Conference’s priority subjects include solutions in naval technology, security and safety at sea and on shore, in ports and critical infrastructure facilities, topics of cybersecurity as well as sea rescue.

SEATECH—an international conference with an aim to define the key directions for technological development in the maritime sector. During the event, the speakers will present the needs and development prospects in their industries, with startups showcasing the latest technological solutions. The conference is addressed to large business entities, as well as startups and innovators, for whom it is to be a platform to exchange information and contacts, and learn about one another’s needs, opportunities and challenges related to the sector’s growth.

This year’s event will feature 3 thematic blocks: port specialisation, maritime industry at sea and the use of hydrogen.

The event is organised by the Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Foundation, coordinator of the 1st Pomeranian Sdmart Specialisation in the area of maritime and offshore logistics.

The InterMarE Project’s Networking & Data Base, developed as a dedicated tool in support of the Project and serving to create new connections and more effective collaboration, is well worth attention. The platform is available on the InterMarE Project website and we encourage all entities operating in the broadly-defined maritime industry to add their company details to the database. Currently, it includes 270 small and medium-sized companies operating in the maritime market in the South Baltic Region.

It is good to meet and talk about science and business ONLINE, when it is not possible to meet otherwise.

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