Integrated navigation and bridge systems (INBS) for three frigates being built under the Swordfish program

PGZ Naval Shipyard has signed a contract with Canadian company OSI Maritime Systems for the delivery of Integrated Navigation and Bridging Systems (INBS) for three frigates being built under the Swordfish program for the Polish Navy.

INBS is a variant of the Canadian-supplied Integrated Navigation and Tactical System (INTS) adapted to the challenges of modern naval operations.

The solution is based on the Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System for Warships supplied to the navies of NATO and allied countries.

Three state-of-the-art Miecznik frigates for the Polish Navy will be built at PGZ Naval Shipyard in cooperation with defense industry leaders (Babcock, MBDA, Thales, Remontowa Shipbuilding SA), as part of the largest ever contract awarded to the Polish shipbuilding industry. The first frigate will be built by 2026. The Swordfish program is being implemented according to schedule.

The multi-role vessels of this class will significantly increase the capabilities of the Polish Navy and will allow it to carry out a wide range of tasks at sea, including, among others, securing shipping lanes and critical infrastructure. The ships will increase the combat potential of the Polish Armed Forces, but will also be an important contribution of the Republic of Poland within the North Atlantic Alliance, for example, by carrying out tasks within the framework of NATO Standing Ship Teams.

The multi-purpose frigates will be equipped with modern radiolocation, artillery and missile systems. Thanks to these ships, the Polish Navy will gain new opportunities to carry out a wide range of tasks in Polish maritime areas and participate in missions and exercises organized with NATO allies.


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