Injured sailor from Poland rescued by Portuguese navy

Portuguese navy rescuers sailor from Poland

Portuguese navy rescuers have saved an injured sailor from Poland some 240 km off the country’s northwest coast. He was transported to Lisbon on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a communiqué from the Portuguese services, the Pole called for help during a strong storm after being washed off the deck of the yacht he was sailing alone in the Atlantic.

Despite his injuries, the sailor managed to return to the yacht, named Elbląg, on which he attempted to continue his voyage.

– The sailor fell into the water on Tuesday morning, resulting in injuries to his chest and back. Although he managed to return on board his vessel, he was unable to continue his voyage due to breathing difficulties, the Portuguese Navy reported.

It specified that nearly a day after the accident, the man called for help and the NRP vessel Siportugal Nes, located in the Atlantic, rescued the sailor.

The rescue operation was carried out, it was reported, in difficult weather conditions characterised by strong winds and 6-metre high waves.



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