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I Love Poland yacht sails in transatlantic regatta

The yacht I Love Poland, which promotes Poland, has already sailed more than halfway in a transatlantic regatta from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, Temistokles Brodowski of the Polish National Foundation, which owns the boat, said on Friday.

I Love Poland started Saturday in the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s annual 3,000-nautical-mile regatta from Lanzarotte in the Canary Islands to Grenada in the Caribbean.

Across the Atlantic will sail a 14-person crew consisting of the winners of the PFN training for young sailors who want to sail on the world’s largest racing yachts, with the captain of I Love Poland Grzegorz Baranowski.

Grzegorz Baranowski reminded that this is the first race across the Atlantic on I Love Poland, but the yacht itself, under a different name, has already completed this route – it has circumnavigated the globe twice.

For I Love Poland this is our longest race – about 3 thousand miles. We hope to cover this distance in 8-10 days – said the captain before the sailing.

From Puerto Calero on Lanzarote to St. George on Grenada in RORC Transatlantic Race sailed on Saturday before noon more than 30 yachts from 22 countries. Several vessels withdrew from the race due to difficult sailing conditions. Multihulls are in the lead and on Friday afternoon the closest to the finish among monohulls was 33-meter Comanche – the record holder in sailing across the Atlantic. I Love Poland was third in this group of the biggest boats.


source: PortalMorski.pl

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