GSG contribution to Veja Mate OWF Project highly rated

Bladt is one of the market leaders within production of offshore monopile foundations and substations. Photo: Bladt Industries
Bladt is one of the market leaders within production of offshore monopile foundations and substations.
Photo: Bladt Industries

Bladt Industries positively evaluated cooperation with Gdańsk Shipyard Group (GSG). The project consisted of prefabrication of 67 anode cages had lasted from October 2015 to August 2016. The Denmark – based contractor, filling up Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Form, especially pointed out quality of cooperation with GSG Towers commercial department.

– Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Forms are very important source of information – says Jarosław Łasiński, GSG Towers CEO. – Thanks to them we receive full and reliable rate of our work, which is given by our customers.

As he further explaines, the form filled up by Bladt Industries marks, that GSG is heading in good direction. By keeping high quality standard of products and services GSG confirms its strong position on offshore steel construction global market.

– I would like to especially thank the crew of GSG – Łasiński adds. – Without their hard work, we would not be able to achieve high standards of production, which are so strongly praised by our contractors.

Anode cages prefabricated by GSG for Bladt Industries. Photo: GSG Towers
Anode cages prefabricated by GSG for Bladt Industries. Photo: GSG Towers

Anode cages prefabricated by GSG for Bladt Industries are part of anticorrosion protection system for WTG’s. Thanks to them life of these constructions is significantly extended.

It is not the first so serious project, after which the Gdańsk – based company received high rates from the Danish customer. In March this year GSG got opinion in like manner after production of Wikinger OWF elements – GSG prefabricated pipe elements of cement systems and watertight doors with frames.

Veja Mate is a 402 MW, 1,9 bn EUR offshore wind project owned by the Highland Group Holdings Ltd, Siemens Financial Services and CI II managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. It’s located 95 km from Borkum Island in the German part of the North Sea. It is estimated, that after commissioning in 2018, 67 Wind Turbine Generators of Veja Mate OWF will be able to produce over 1,6 TWh of green, renewable electricity annually, equivalent to the annual consumption of 400.000 German households. It will reduce emission by 18 million tonnes of CO2.

A join venture between Bladt Industries and EEW Special Pipe Constructions (SPC) has been chosen for the supply of monopiles and transition pieces.

EEW SPC will fabricate the 67 monopiles at their facilities in Rostock, Germany. For this project, the monopiles will have a diameter of up to 7.8 meters, a length of up to 84.8 meters and a single weight of 1,200 tonnes in average. At Bladt Industries’ headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, the 67 transition pieces will be fabricated with a diameter of up to 6.8 meters, an average weight of 350 tonnes and a length of approximately 22 meters.

In February 2016, Bladt Industries upended the first transition piece for the Veja Mate offshore wind farm, weighing 293.5 tonnes. Bladt’s scope in the project is to build 67 transition pieces.

The construction phase began in April 2016. In June it was announced, that 24 monopiles had been installed in the German North Sea using the world’s largest Jack-up vessel Scylla. The pipes are up to 84.5 m long and have a diameter of up to 7.8 m. They weigh 1,300 tonnes apiece and are the largest and heaviest ever built. Independently from the monopiles, installation of transition pieces also commenced.

On September 7, the installation of its Offshore Substation (OSS) delivered by FICG was announced. The OSS topside had been transported by sea from Hoboken Belgium to Eemshaven where it was picked up by Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC). It joined the OSS jacket which had left Vlissingen Netherlands to arrive at the Veja Mate Offshore Site after a three-day journey.

To date, the project remains on schedule. The next activity planned was the installation of its inter array cables, which was set to begin on October 1st.

It is worth mentioning, that Polish-built at Remontowa Shipbuilding innovative cable layer Siem Aimery will be involved in the winter installation campaign of the inner array grid cable system of the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm in the German Bight.

The project is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2017.

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