Government changes location of offshore terminal from Gdynia to Gdansk

wind farm

The government adopted on Tuesday a resolution changing the location of the installation terminal for offshore wind farms, the Government Information Center reported. Instead of the port in Gdynia, the terminal is to be built in the port of Gdańsk, by June 1, 2025.

According to CIR, the new resolution indicates that the terminal will be built in Gdansk in the external port, i.e. the part of the port created as a result of “inundation”, i.e. transformation of a body of water into land. It was stressed that the new location meets all criteria of the industry investors and allows timely implementation of the first phase of the offshore wind energy sector development in Poland.

The idea to change the location of the offshore wind farm was supported by the arrangements made with state-owned companies, which are to carry out ca. 60% of offshore investments and which indicated the port of Gdansk as meeting all criteria of the investors.

Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040 assumes that 9-11 GW of wind power will be created in Polish waters.



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