Gaz-System ready to speed up works on LNG terminal in Gdansk

Gas transmission pipeline operator Gaz-System is ready to accelerate work on Gdansk’s floating LNG terminal project if strategic decisions are made and certain conditions are met, CEO Tomasz Stępień said on Thursday.

– We have presented the government with a plan to accelerate the project from the end of 2027 to 2025. There is probably a possibility to push the acceleration even further. Still, it requires meeting several conditions – Stępień told journalists in Jauniunai, Lithuania, during the official opening of the GIPL (Gas Interconnection Poland–Lithuania).

As Stępień points out, the operator is currently in talks with the government on the option of a possible speed-up of the project.

Regulations would be required that could support and accelerate the investment process. We have indicated those places that can be accelerated according to the EU regulations. If there is a relevant strategic and target decision and our conditions are met, we will speed up the process – declared the Gaz-System CEO.

The national operator is ready to build even more LNG import capacity in Poland, he further stressed, but this depends on political decisions and interest from the region.

– Our projects were created with Poland in mind and for the possible export of surpluses. We can build more if there is interest – he explained.

If there is a clear need for more capacity at the political level and then also at the level of the companies, we will be able to provide more. E.g. by setting up two FSRU terminals – Stępień added, noting that one could also think about a larger capacity expansion of the Świnoujście terminal.

The CEO of Gaz-System said that for the FSRU in Gdansk, the operator planned over 50 so-called slots, i.e. methane carrier calls per annum.

The final capacity of the FSRU will depend on the volumes transported, whether the standard 90 million cubic metres of gas after regasification or perhaps 110 million. If the supplies are bigger, the capacity will also be bigger – Stępień explained.

Gaz-System is currently conducting the so-called Open Season procedure for the FSRU terminal project with an annual capacity of 6.1 bcm of gas per year, which will be available at the beginning of 2028. According to the operator, the first phase of Open Season confirmed market participants’ interest in the projected terminal’s regasification capacity. Since Gaz-System has assessed that the market responded positively, the gas operator now will move on to the next investment steps.




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