Gaz-system is a signatory of the polish hydrogen agreement


On October 14, 2021, GAZ-SYSTEM signed the “Sectoral Agreement for the Development of a Hydrogen Economy in Poland”.

The Agreement for the Development of Hydrogen Economy in Poland, an initiative of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, is a key implementing instrument for the Polish Hydrogen Strategy for 2030 with an Outlook until 2040, currently under preparation.

The signatories of the agreement declare undertaking activities aimed at developing hydrogen economy in Poland and developing technologies related to hydrogen production, transmission, storage and utilization. The conclusion of the hydrogen agreement represents the implementation of the “Letter of Intent to Establish a Partnership for Building a Hydrogen Economy” signed in July 2020.

Work on the wording of this document was conducted from January 2021. In the group of over 100 entities, GAZ-SYSTEM actively participated in the exchange of experience within working groups, analyzing issues such as: efficient and safe transmission of hydrogen or its admixtures to natural gas as well as distribution and storage of this raw material, implementation of hydrogen technologies in the power sector, use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in transport and support for decarbonization of industry. In addition, the topics of hydrogen production in new plants were discussed. The factors affecting the development of the hydrogen market, including the emergence of a national hydrogen economy value chain, were also discussed. GAZ-SYSTEM acted as a coordinator of the working group responsible for efficient and safe transmission, distribution and storage of hydrogen.

The Polish hydrogen agreement is a response to the European Union’s climate and energy policy outlined in the European Green Deal. A key objective of this policy is to transform the European Union into a modern and competitive economy with zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050


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