Gas-System analyzes whether to build one or two floating FSRU gas terminals

Gaz-System is analyzing whether one or two floating FSRU gas terminals will be built, Gaz-System CEO Marcin Chludzinski said. The president made the construction of the second unit contingent on whether there would be demand for larger volumes of gas not only in Poland but also in the region.

At a press conference on Thursday, Gaz-System CEO Marcin Chludzinski addressed questions about the FSRU offshore floating gas terminal to be built in Gdansk Bay.

– We are not only preparing, but many real investment steps are being taken. We have obtained permits for the onshore part – the reconstruction of gas pipelines in the northern part of the country. We can say that they are ready for investment. The project company is working hard on the offshore part,” Chludzinski informed.

He added that intensive talks are underway with potential suppliers of regasification units.

– We want to contract these regasification units by the end of September, i.e. choose a supplier and a model for use, Chludzinski said.

He stressed that the project is “quite accelerated.”

What we will be looking at in terms of options is whether it will be one or two units. If it were to be two units we need coverage in regional demand, not only in Poland, and then it is technically possible to put up a second unit at the same time for not only Polish, but regional needs, Chludzinski informed.

The project for the construction of an offshore floating terminal involves the placement of a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) in the Gulf of Gdansk, as well as the creation of infrastructure (a berth with the necessary equipment and an undersea pipeline) that will enable the reception of liquefied natural gas delivered by sea, its regasification and introduction into the National Transmission System.

The FSRU terminal will be capable of regasifying approximately 6.1 billion cubic meters of gaseous fuel per year.

As part of the FSRU program, the National Transmission System will also be expanded, enabling efficient distribution of gas from the Gdansk area to customers in Poland and the region. The onshore investments include three sections: the Kolnik – Gdansk gas pipeline of about 35 km Gustorzyn – Wicko gas pipeline, the Gardeja – Kolnik section of about 86 km Gustorzyn – Wicko gas pipeline, the Gustorzyn – Gardeja section of about 128 km.

The investment is expected to be ready by 2027/2028.

On Thursday, the Gaz-System and Gas Transportation System Operator of Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement on harmonizing the system, providing transmission capacity towards Ukraine and increasing it. 



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