Fishermen in Germany: there is a chance of a revival of the Oder within two to three years

The fish population in the Oder could recover within two to three years, say professional fishermen from a regional association in Germany. It is to be hoped that a substance that is only toxic for a short period of time is responsible for the deaths and that it will gradually dilute, said the head of the Brandenburg-Berlin Fisheries Association, Lars Dettmann, adding that life in the river could then recover.

Dettmann pointed out that in addition to many dead fish, live crayfish, snails and mussels have also been found in the Oder, writes the portal of the daily newspaper Welt.

In order to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again, the Fishermen’s Association and the Nature Forum in Brandenburg are calling for a register of the riparian states of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, which would give an overview of who discharges into the Oder, when and how much, Dettmann explained.


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