First cruise of the new Lakeway Link Gdynia-Södertälje ro-ro service

Lakeway Link Gdynia-Södertälje ro-ro service

On 21 May Lakeway Link will launch a ro-ro service between Gdynia and Södertälje, with three cruises per week in each direction. This is a milestone in maritime transport, offering a unique connection for efficient and more sustainable freight transport between Poland and Sweden.

Lakeway Link is – as it describes itself – the only company offering regular, scheduled ro-ro transport for semi-trailers and bulky cargo between Gdynia and Södertälje. The new connection will alleviate the congested road and rail network between the mainland and Scandinavia, reducing both traffic jams and environmental impact. In addition, our service requires no driver involvement.

To implement this service, Lakeway Link acquired the vessel Lakeway Express. The ro-ro vessel flies the Swedish flag and will homeport in Västerås, where Lakeway Link is based.

The Lakeway Express, with a ro-ro load line of 1,625 metres, equivalent to a capacity of approximately 108 trailers, is fully equipped to meet the transport needs of MAFI’s trailers, project cargo and terminal trailers.

The vessel was prepared for new employment at a Polish shipyard. It entered the Gdansk Shiprepair Yard SA in mid-April.

The main scope of work carried out in Gdansk was the maintenance of the two stern ramps, the car decks including steel replacements (a total of 1,900 m²) and the modernisation of the safety routes on board. In addition, work included the conversion of the fuel tank from heavy to light fuel handling and the modernisation and installation of the light fuel line.

The ship left the Gdansk shipyard on 27 April and, after a short stay at the WOC quay in Gdansk, made a voyage to Spain – to the port of Gijon, where it checked in on 4 May. She left Gijon the same day and is approaching the Strait of Gibraltar declaring Ceuta as her port of destination.

The Lakeway Express ship will call at the OT Port Gdynia terminal and the port of Södertälje on the Swedish side. The journey between the two destinations takes approximately 22 hours. When the reconstruction of the Södertälje locks is completed in 2026, it expects the service to be extended to the port of Västerås, accessible via Lake Mälaren.

‘This is the first step to introduce a new, innovative solution for water transport directly to central Sweden and the Mälaren region. Our solution is a very competitive alternative to traditional road transport, providing a shipping option with a much lower environmental impact. In addition, our service addresses the shortage of truck drivers in the market. Drivers leave their trailers at the quay and from there they are boarded,’ says Fredrik Hermansson, CEO of Lakeway Link.

Strategically located ports with excellent connections

Lakeway Link will not only strengthen the logistics network to and from the Mälar region. It will also facilitate transports to and from destinations in other parts of Sweden and Norway. Many of these are in close proximity to Södertälje and Lake Mälaren.

The second final destination of the route is Gdynia, which is well connected to several major transport lines in Europe. Gdynia is also a key transshipment port and centre for intercontinental maritime traffic.


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