ENMARO and Pondera Consult tighten cooperation to drive Polish offshore wind projects

Poland’s ENMARO and the Netherlands’ Pondera Consult have agreed on closer cooperation. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to jointly source, define, and target potential offshore wind project opportunities in Poland, leveraging their combined products and services as a consortium.

Poland has significant potential for offshore wind development, having already secured 5.9 GW through Contracts for Difference. Additionally, there are plans to procure additional capacity, aiming for a total of 18 GW of offshore wind power by 2031. Poland is positioned as a key player in the European offshore wind market

The agreement was signed in Świnoujście, Poland, during the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) Conference by Andrzej Wołczyk, Vice-Chairman of ENMARO, and Egbert Jansen, Team Lead Owner’s Engineering of Pondera Consult B.V.

Andrzej Wołczyk, Vice-Chairman of ENMARO, said:

“ENMARO brings the specific knowledge and know-how necessary to support customers at the dawn of the Offshore Wind industry in Poland. We specialize in engineering, consulting, modeling, and support of strategic investment decisions. Our team has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the whole OWF value chain. I firmly believe that our cooperation with Pondera will add value to the offshore wind industry in Poland.”

Egbert Jansen, Team Lead Owner’s Engineering of Pondera Consult B.V., said:

“Pondera Consult is involved in all parts of renewable energy projects, from feasibility studies and permitting to procurement and construction until operations. We are  globally active and experienced in working with different cultures, with specific experience in Europe and Southeast Asia. We are intimately familiar with the technical, financial, legal, and management challenges that investors face. The signing of the agreement and joining of forces is a great start to help Poland pursue its offshore wind ambitions.”

About the Signatories:

ENMARO (Energy Market Observer sp. z o.o.), headquartered in Gdynia, Poland, is an experienced engineering and business consulting company providing advice at every stage of offshore project development. It specializes in feasibility studies, conceptual design, permitting, environmental and financial assessments, development of implementation schedules, market analysis of potential contractors and suppliers and their selection, client representation or manning during the construction and installation process, moving to operation and maintenance, and decommissioning strategies. ENMARO uses state-of-the-art methods and proprietary tools developed using in-house resources to strengthen its services.

Pondera Consult B.V. (PONDERA) holds in-depth knowledge and expertise in offshore wind projects. Pondera has been involved in all parts of offshore and onshore wind project development, from feasibility studies to construction, management, and operation. Pondera is known for its dedicated involvement with large renewable energy projects, but is also a trusted partner for many smaller, community-based projects. Pondera also supports governments in site selection, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), permitting, and grid operators in onshore and offshore grid development, e.g., in EIAs and permitting, technical support, and owner’s engineering. Pondera believes that collaboration is the key to accelerate the energy transition.

About the PWEA Annual Conference:

The largest industry event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The conference is dedicated to renewable energy sources and energy market development in terms of implementation and operation of RES (Renewable Energy Solutions) technologies in Poland. The event provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the use of renewable energy sources in the national economy and the environmental benefits of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Source: ENMARO

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