Crist to build live fish carrier for Artic Group

A computer rendering of a new vessel to be built at Crist SA. Illustr.: Courtesy of Crist SA
A computer rendering of the new vessel to be built at Crist SA.
Illustr.: Courtesy of Crist SA

DESS/MHG (Marine Harvest) has signed a contract for its new well boats with Artic Group Ships/Artic Shipping AS. The Artic Group, in turn, has placed an order for the first of such a vessel at Crist SA yard, in Gdynia. The Polish company previously already delivered a ship to the same owner – Artic Group – the fish feed transport vessel Artic Fjell in 2014.

The SC75 boats are designed by Seacon AS and get the designation SC75. The contract is for a single vessel with options for as many as three. The delivery of the first ship from Crist is planned for the last quarter of 2017.

The focus of the new SC75 well boat from Seacon is to make available a more affordable vessel without compromising the quality of design, comfort, safety and fish handling. According to Seacon, the equipment and quality are in line with, or better than, what is available on similar vessels.


The Multipurpose Live Fish Carrier SC75 design, to be manned by the crew of 10, is for a 75.70 metre overall well boat with a 15 metre beam, 8.2 m depth, the hull weight estimated at 980 ton and a 3000 cubic metre tank capacity for live transport of salmon. These tanks can also be used for debugging, using either solely using fresh water or with hydrogen peroxide.

The ship to be built at Crist under yard no. NB SC75, was developed in collaboration with Artic Group Ships and Havyard MMC Fosnavåg, using 3D modelling. The ship designer’s thinking is that this simpler concept and different approach to assembling the vessel and its fish handling systems result in a lower cost build. Model tests were also carried out to find the ideal hull shape.


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