Baltic Power offshore wind farm with first construction permit

The Baltic Power wind farm has obtained the first of the required construction permits for the onshore part, Orlen Group CEO Daniel Obajtek announced on social media on Monday.

“Our offshore wind farm Baltic Power has today obtained the first of the required building permits for the onshore part of the investment. This is the first decision of this kind issued for offshore wind projects in Poland, bringing the ORLEN Group closer to starting the investment in 2024,” – Obajtek wrote on Twitter.

The issuance of the permit was notified by the Pomeranian Governor. In the decision published on Monday, it said that on 26 January 2023, a decision was issued approving the land development project and the architectural and construction project, as well as granting a permit for the construction of a strategic investment concerning the set of equipment for power derivation ‘Connection of the Baltic Power Offshore Wind Farm to the National Power System’ in the commune of Choczewo in the district of Wejherowo. “The decision is subject to immediate execution”. – it added.

The Baltic Power farm, with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW, is to be located about 23 km from the coast at Choczewo and Łeba. When completed in 2026, it will be able to supply more than 1.5 million households with clean energy.

Pomeranian Governor Dariusz Drelich issued a permit for the construction of a set of equipment for power output from the Baltic Power offshore wind farm.

The previous one, from November last year, concerned the determination of the investment location. The farm is being built on the Baltic Sea, 22 km from the shore, in the vicinity of Łeba and Choczew. It will be able to power more than 1.5 million households annually with clean energy for more than 25 years.

“Balic Power is currently the most advanced project underway in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. The wind power plants will revolutionise the national energy system and will be a huge development opportunity for our entrepreneurs, companies, suppliers or local governments,” – notes Governor Dariusz Drelich.

The shareholders of Baltic Power are the Orlen Group and Northland Power. According to the schedule, installation of the foundations is to begin in 2024, followed by turbines, cables and stations, and the farm is to be commissioned in 2026. In the port of Leba, the construction of a service base will begin as early as 2023, where there will be, among other things, spare parts warehouses workshops and office space. Approximately 50 maintenance staff are to work at the base on a continuous basis.



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