Baltic Pipe means independence from Russian gas

One of the most important topics discussed at the Forum Wizja Rozwoju (Development Vision Forum) is Baltic Pipe, the Baltic gas pipeline. The fifth anniversary edition of this conference will be held in June. Independence from Russian gas will be one of the key points on the agenda. – Baltic Pipe gives us an opportunity to gain large energy potential from the North Sea – comments dr Andrzej Michalak, president of the Foundation Wizja Rozwoju.

Development Vision Forum is the largest economic conference in northern Poland. Since the first edition, the event brings together dozens of experts from the world of business, science and politics who meet in Gdynia to discuss the economic future of the country.

– For many years we have been saying that we need to become energy independent from Russia – says Dr Andrzej Michalak, President of the Development Vision Forum Foundation. – This topic has recurred at each of our conferences. Current events in Ukraine show that we were right. Baltic Pipe gives us an opportunity to acquire large energy potential from the North Sea and creates a perspective of complete separation from gas from Russia.

Baltic Pipe should be ready as early as October. This will be tantamount to launching the first gas deliveries this autumn. However, it is worth remembering that even in the case of delays, Poland has its own gas reserves in warehouses – which guarantees energy security even in an uncertain situation.

– Full energy independence from Russia is also a question of coal and oil – adds Dr Andrzej Michalak. – Therefore, we need investments in the so-called dry ports, which enable rapid export and inland storage. Look at Barcelona for example – it has dry ports near Valencia and Madrid, and even near Lyon. In our country, investments are being made in the railway infrastructure in the port of Gdynia and Gdańsk, which will soon make it possible to transport even more goods arriving by sea efficiently.

The fifth edition of the Development Vision Forum will be held at the Naval Academy in Gdynia on 20-21 June 2022. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has assumed honorary patronage of the event. The discussion panels will be attended by entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, journalists and experts competently connected with particular thematic blocks.


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