Baltic Hub expands Poland by 36 hectares

Groundbreaking ceremony in Baltic Hub Gdańsk

A groundbreaking ceremony took place on Wednesday, 5 June at the site of the T3 terminal under construction. The ceremony was attended by members of the management and supervisory board of Baltic Hub, representatives of shareholders, key stakeholders, customers and contractors.

Among the invited guests were also representatives of local and national authorities, including Arkadiusz Marchewka – Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Agnieszka Pomaska – MP, Jacek Karnowski – MP, Beata Rutkiewicz – Pomeranian Voivode, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, and Dorota Pyć – President of the Port of Gdansk Authority. The signed act of embedding was placed in a special tube – a time capsule, which was then embedded under the investment.

– Thanks to the investment, T3 Baltic Hub will become one of the largest container terminal complexes in Europe, increasing its handling capacity to 4.5 million TEUs per year. This is not only a significant increase in operational potential and new development opportunities for our customers, but also benefits both the Polish economy as a whole and the markets of Central and Eastern Europe,’ stressed Charles Baker, CEO of Baltic Hub.

Deputy Minister Arkadiusz Marchewka spoke about the government’s support for activities aimed at serving the Polish economy and developing the maritime economy.

– It is not often that projects are implemented thanks to which Poland expands, literally by 36 ha. These 36 hectares are a window onto the great world of maritime transport, it is a chance for development, for taking another step in building such an important part of the Polish economy as the maritime economy. Investment such as this is something to be proud of, because it is here that the world’s largest container ships will be arriving in Gdańsk via the most important transport routes, and this will allow even more of them to come in. The increase in this transshipment volume to 4.5 million TEU means that we will have one of the largest terminals of this type on the continent in Poland, and this is something we can be very proud of,’ said Arkadiusz Marchewka, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure, after which he added: – The Polish government supports all investments, such as this one, which serve economic development, which serve the Polish economy and the development of the maritime economy. I am convinced that thanks to projects such as the expansion of the Baltic Hub, the Polish maritime economy is on the right course.

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of the City of Gdansk, said that the development of the Baltic Hub is an investment in safety.

– I keep my fingers crossed for the completion of the investment and for the next investment, because we are proud of it in Gdańsk, in Pomerania and in Poland, but apart from pride, I think it gives a sense of security in this world where we probably cannot be sure of anything. I think it is a strengthening here in Pomerania of the independence of the Republic of Poland also from goods that we don’t know how they will be able to come in, so I keep my fingers crossed. I welcome this development and hope for further cooperation,’ said Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. – I am also grateful for the social cooperation with the districts that are adjacent to the Baltic Hub. I hope for further development of this cooperation, because I think that such corporate social responsibility is also one of the good qualities of your company, for which I thank you and hope for its further development.

The expansion of the Baltic Hub will ensure a leading role for the Port of Gdansk in the Baltic Sea for years to come.

– I would like to thank you very much for the efforts that the Baltic Hub management has made over the years, and I would like to wish for such strength in my port as has occurred here at the Baltic Hub. For my part, I promise full cooperation both with the Baltic Hub and with all entities that are interested and have the strength, resources and heart to strengthen the Polish maritime economy,’ declared Dorota Pyć, President of the Port of Gdansk.

Thanks to the construction of the new T3 terminal, a third deep-water quay will be built on the port’s premises, thus increasing the handling capacity of the Baltic Hub by 1.5 million TEUs to a total of 4.5 million TEUs per year. The investment, valued at €470 million, includes the construction of a 717m-long, 18m-deep deep-water quay and a 36ha site.



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