Another innovative project at the Port of Gdynia nearing completion!

Port of Gdynia

Another innovative project to protect the marine environment has been completed at the Port of Gdynia.

The aim of the project, entitled ‘Monitoring and observation system for port areas using floating unmanned mobile survey platforms’, was to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of using surface unmanned platforms in the daily operation of seaports.

The recently completed project was carried out between 2021 and 2024 by a Polish-Norwegian consortium comprising Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. (project leader), Gdansk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University, Norwegian Institute of Water Research and Miros AS Company.

As part of the project, a team of experts, largely female scientists, carried out several bathymetric and sonar surveys using an unmanned platform. Bottom and sediment samples were also taken in an automated manner. The results of the tests were used as a basis for recommending technical standards and verifying the ability of government entities to accredit such surveys.

Funding of nearly PLN 5.5 million, including 85 per cent from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and 15 per cent from the Polish state budget, provided significant support for this undertaking, developing the maritime industry and unmanned technologies in Poland.

One of the project’s key achievements was the first registration of an unmanned vessel in Poland and granting a seaworthiness certificate, a breakthrough in the unmanned vessel sector. To summarise and make the research results widely available, a monograph detailing the course of the project and its key findings has been published.

photo: Port of Gdynia


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