An agreement on the investment programme for the Red Road signed

Red Road

In 2029 the so-called Red Road (Droga Czerwona) will be built, connecting the Port of Gdynia with the national road network, including the S6 express route. On Thursday, 17 February, an agreement on the investment programme for this route was signed at the headquarters of the Gdynia Seaport Authority.

This is a historic moment for the Red Road. But, unfortunately, it is a difficult, not easy and long story. Today it finds its finale in the form of the start of the investment process – said Marcin H0rała, deputy minister of infrastructure, government plenipotentiary for the Central Transportation Hub (STH – Solidarity Transport Hub Poland – a planned transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport).

He pointed out that covering the investment costs from the state budget and not from the local government of the City of Gdynia was made possible by the amendment to the Act on Sea Ports and Harbours carried out in the last term.

The Deputy Minister explained that the next step after the agreement on the investment programme would be the preparation of the Technical-Economic-Environmental Study. He reported that STH would allocate PLN 20 million for the preparatory work on implementing the Red Route.

This is the road of life for the port of Gdynia, absolutely necessary, even now, with the current transhipments. If we think about the development of the Port of Gdynia and increasing transhipments in the future, it is practically impossible without implementing the Red Road – stressed Horała.

The director of the Gdańsk branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Anita Oleksiak, told the Polish Press Agency that the selection of the contractor for the preparatory stage, i.e. the concept, is planned for October this year.

It is necessary because the site is highly urbanised, and there are many stakeholders.

– We plan to complete this preparatory stage at the end of 2025. The beginning of 2026 will be when we plan to announce a tender for the actual construction of the road in the ‘design and construct’ mode to speed up the process, she added.

Oleksiak said that the indicative completion date for the Red Road is 2029, and its cost is currently estimated at over two billion zlotys.

The dual carriageway Red Road, approximately 9 km long, will run from the Port of Gdynia to the junction of Morska Street with the Tri-City Beltway. The inhabitants of Gdynia will also benefit from removing heavy transit from the current Kwiatkowski Route – access to the city’s northern districts will be easier. In addition, the planned route will become part of the trans-European TEN-T network.


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