22 Greenpeace activists arrested for blocking Shell terminal in Rotterdam port

Dutch police on Monday arrested 22 activists from environmental organisation Greenpeace who blocked access to the Tweede Petroleumhaven, Shell’s terminal in the port of Rotterdam, earlier today.

The activists blocked the Shell terminal for many hours. They used kayaks, rubber boats and even a sailing boat to do so. Some of them climbed onto the fuel tank, where they put up posters with their demands.

“Shell respects the right to demonstrate as long as it is done in a safe way. This is not the case now.” – reads a statement from the company, which called the police.

In the end, officers arrested 10 people for trespassing on private company property and 12 for blocking the port.

Greenpeace demands that the company stops extracting fossil fuels. The organisation said it wanted to show the “real face of Shell” with its action. In its opinion, the company boasts of producing green energy, while it is based mainly on oil and gas.

Photo: Marten van Dijl / Greenpeace

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