12.5 m for Szczecin – further progress report

Modernisation of the Swinoujscie-Szczecin fairway

On Friday, 21 May, the Maritime Office in Szczecin published information dated 20 May on current developments in the implementation of the project “Modernisation of the Świnoujście-Szczecin waterway to the depth of 12.5 m”.

The progress of works is as follows:

  • dredging works at Ostrow Grabowski have been completed, the exhausted spoil has been deposited inside the W28 island, preparatory works for reinforcement of underwater slopes are in progress,
  • dredging works are carried out in the area of Wielka Kępa (dredgersMal¿ II and Homar),
  • in the area of the Radolin Island the steel cap is being installed, the service platform is being assembled and works connected with backfilling of the cofferdam are in progress,
  • works on strengthening underwater scarps at quays BONn, Huk, Żeglarski are in progress,
  • the dredgers Meuse River, Scheldt River and Vox Amalia are working on km 5+00 to 67+000,
  • a specialist Jetsed pontoon works on the fairway, levelling the surface of the fairway bottom and profiling underwater slopes,
  • on W22 island the excavated material is deposited by means of pipelines on the island’s periphery, above the water surface, on W28 island the flapping of the excavated material inside the island is in progress,
  • On W22 island, installation of hydrotechnical stone for reinforcement of underwater escarpments is in progress,
  • preparatory works for dredging works have commenced on W28 island, – the dredging works have been completed in over 70%, the planned completion of the dredging works is scheduled for late August/early September this year.

Navigation conditions

Up-to-date information on the current work of all the contractor’s vessels on a given kilometre of the track is received daily by e-mail, among others, by the services of harbour masters, port dispatchers and maritime pilots.
At the same time, the Maritime Office in Szczecin would like to ask all users of the basin to follow the “Maritime safety – navigation conditions” tab on the Office’s website, where announcements of harbour masters and current navigation warnings are published.
Communiqué No. 4 of the Harbour Master at Trzebież with maps is still in force regarding the closure of certain areas to fishing and navigation due to ongoing dredging works.


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