Vistal delivered hull sections for Simek newbuilding no. 132 fishing vessel

This is how the fishing boat will look like... Fig.: Skipteknisk
This is how the fishing boat will look like…
Fig.: Skipteknisk

As announced in June 2015, Simek A/S has signed a contract with the company Antares Fishing Company. Ltd. Whalsay, Shetland, for the construction of a fishing boat, 75 meters long trawler for delivery in December 2016.

The construction of hull sections was subcontracted to Polish yards for transport to Flekkefjord on a barge. Early May, the barge Simek II under tow by FFS Achilles commenced a trip to Poland. On May 19, 2016, the heavy-lift pontoon-barge was back in Simek with first three hull blocks on newbuilding no. 132. As of late May, the FFS Achilles and Simek II were again on the way to Poland, to pick up remaining two sections. Yard no. 132 will be delivered to its owners by the end of 2016.

The newbuilding will be the first fishing vessel built and delivered from Simek since 2008, when Lunar Bow – Yard no. 113, was delivered to Lunar Fishing. Until now, Simek has dealt with orders from the offshore oil and gas industry. However, after the recent turmoil in this market, it has become necessary to look at other market niches such as well boats and smaller fishing vessels.

Vistal Gdynia fabricated and delivered two hull blocks for the new vessel. Other companies involved in such deliveries are: Gdańsk-based Marine Projects (two hull blocks) and Safe yard operating in Gdańsk (1 block).

First three hull sections already in Norway. Photo: Dan Christer Virak
First three hull sections already in Norway.
Photo: Dan Christer Virak

The ship is designed by Skipsteknisk in close cooperation with the company and has design type ST-125. This is a newly developed design tailored for the company’s operations. The vessel has a length of 75.4 meters and a width of 15.0 meters. The ship is equipped with 12 pieces of fish tanks with a total volume of ca. 2.400 m3. In order to deliver a good product, while achieving a good price for their catch as possible, the ship is equipped with a cooling unit that cools the seawater mixed with fish.

The accommodation section is for a total of 16 men, divided into 14 cabins. Usually not all the beds are in use when they fish by 10-12 men aboard. It will be emphasized that the accommodation unit is adapted so that the crew will have a good atmosphere and enjoyment on board.

This trawler is equipped with a main engine of Wärtsilä 12V32 type of 6,600 kW and expected to achieve top speed of about 16 knots.


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