Morawiecki: expansion of Gdansk port will increase handling capacity by one and a half million TEUs

The new transshipment capacity will increase by one and a half million TEU, it is a fundamental increase in potential. This port is a very big opportunity for Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki assessed on Monday during a visit to the expanded port in Gdańsk.

The third stage of the port’s expansion, another terminal, together with the fourth one that is already on the horizon, is an excellent chance to create an interconnected network of various railway, road and sea routes, which will lead to an increase in transhipment potential and interest in Poland as a logistic hub in this part of Europe, the Prime Minister said.

Morawiecki stressed that jobs in ports are high-paying, and the expansion of the port in Gdansk means an increase in salaries, but also in profits of Polish companies.

Small Polish companies internationalise, go out, learn the best practices applied by global giants and thanks to this they expand more and more, export and this is what economic development is all about, the Prime Minister said.

In his opinion, this also means the repatriation of capital, which manifests itself, among others, in lesser dependence on foreign capital.


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