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Port of Gdynia

One of the main objectives of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA is to manage real estate and port infrastructure, as well as to effectively plan and develop the port. In order to optimally utilize the areas under the Management Board’s control and to obtain the largest possible revenue to the State Treasury, it was decided to invite potential new partners to join the technical dialogue.

The dialogue is to concern the lease of real estate currently occupied by BCT – Baltic Container Terminal.

It should be recalled that in 2003, ZMPG SA, fulfilling its privatisation obligation, sold 100% of its shares in BCT. The full owner of BCT is the International Container Terminal Operator (ICTSI) based in the Philippines. At the same time, ZMPG SA remained the owner of the land, buildings and structures occupied by the company, which were handed over to BCT for use for 20 years. The lease period ends in May 2023.

The technical dialogue is provided for in the Public Procurement Law, but does not constitute a separate procedure. It is rather an opportunity given to the contracting authority to conduct consultations with experts, public authorities or contractors, which would be helpful in preparing a detailed description of the subject matter of the contract or determining the terms of the contract.

The aim of technical dialogue is

– obtaining preliminary information on the scale of interest of potential lessees in the property in question;
– access to basic data concerning their legal situation and economic, financial and organizational situation;
– gathering information on the determination of the activity that the bidders intend to conduct on the property, including investment plans;
– gathering information on the planned transhipment in the side relation;
– obtaining opinions on real estate that may be useful for conducting port and sea trade in this region, as well as real estate in the back of the Port of Gdynia in the area of the “Logistic Valley”, located in the Municipality of Kosakowo.

This will be valuable information and will be used by ZMPG S.A. to determine the terms and conditions of the tender procedure for the lease of the land property in question, the announcement of which is expected at the end of this year.

It is worth noting that using this form of contract management, ZMPG SA will have the opportunity to consult with the largest concerns from the maritime transport sector. Thus, the Management Board will have indirect access to very valuable information. After the completion of this process, the collected data will be thoroughly analyzed and will be an important contribution to the long-term development policy of the Port of Gdynia and its facilities.

– The Port of Gdynia Authority aims to maximize profitability per m2 of land. Therefore, we try to make the most of the opportunities offered by the available management tools – in this case we have chosen the technical dialogue. Such preliminary market consultations allow us to gather unique data from the entire spectrum of the maritime market in a short period of time. Therefore, it is a guarantee of the most effective use of the resources of the Port of Gdynia – emphasizes Grzegorz Dyrmo, Vice-President of the Management Board of the company – Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia SA.

The areas in question include a built-up land property in the Western Port, with an area of 514,916 m2, located at the Helsinki I and II and Oksywskie wharves.

The property includes, among others: storage yards for containers, cars and manoeuvring yards, land and buildings, a petrol station. There is also access to the public railway siding with a length of 680 m. At present, there is the second largest container terminal in Poland in terms of transshipments in this area, transshipping approximately 400,000 TEU per year.

Within the property, they have their own facilities:

– Tax Administration Chamber, which has scanners (fixed and mobile) for vehicles and containers and a radiometric system;
– Border Veterinary Control Point;
– Sanitary Inspectorate;
– Maritime Unit of the Border Guard.

The immediate vicinity of the above units significantly increases the already high attractiveness of the offered area, facilitating and improving the functioning of the future operator.

In addition, the planned reconstruction of the Hel Quay is also important. Soon ZMPG SA. ZMPG SA will announce a tender for the contractor. Currently, the procedure for obtaining a building permit decision is coming to an end. The investment in question is part of a larger whole – an investment concerning the deepening of the port channel, expansion of the turntable and reconstruction of the quays. Its implementation will allow the Port of Gdynia to accommodate larger vessels. This will enable further development of the operators operating in its areas and increase the volume of transshipments, which in turn will translate into increased revenues of the State Treasury from customs and taxes.

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