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Oldendorff Carriers has ordered a new series of Kamsarmax type vessels from the Hantong shipyard

Oldendorff Carriers has signed a further two contracts to build a series of eco-friendly vessels at the HANTONG shipyard. Five new Kamsarmax-type vessels have been ordered and an agreement has been signed for the possibility of ordering a further seven vessels.

Final decisions will be made in the first quarter of 2022. This means that between 2016 and 2023 a total of 31 ships would be built for Oldendorff Carriers at the Hantong shipyard in China alone: 7 of the Newcastlemax type and 24 of the Kamsarmax type.

The latest orders are for the new Sdari-82 design (2020), featuring an improved hull shape and better light running margin (LRM) propeller performance for even lower fuel consumption. At 14 knots, the fuel consumption of the MAN-B&W 6S60ME-C 10.5 engine for the vessel when loaded will be 23.18 tonnes.

The ordered vessels will be delivered between July 2022 and September 2023. Some of the vessels have already been resold to another owner.

Next month, Hantong Shipyard will also hand over the last two newly built vessels in the 209,000t Newcastlemax type series (Heide Oldendorff and Hauke Oldendorff), which will operate on a 10-year freight contract from 2023.

This year Oldendorff Carriers acquired and ordered a total of 16 vessels and signed an agreement on the possibility of building 7 more, as listed below:

  • 2 × 182,000t deadweight – new vessels from Namura shipyard with delivery dates November 2022 and February 2023
  • 1 × 119,000 t deadweight – built in 2013 at Sanoyas shipyard
  • 1 × 111,000 deadweight tonnage – built in 2012 at the Mitsui shipyard
  • 1 × 99 000 t deadweight – built in 2013 at the Tsuneishi Zhoushan shipyard
  • 2 × 96 000 t deadweight – built in 2011 and 2013 at the Imabari shipyard
  • 2 × 93 000 t deadweight – built in 2012 at the COSCO Zhoushan shipyard
  • 5 × 82,000 t deadweight – new vessels from Hantong shipyard with delivery date from July 2022. (+ 7 so-called ‘options’)
  • 2 × 61,000 t deadweight – new ships from DACKS shipyard with handover date in July 2022.

Oldendorff Carriers strives to maintain a modern and environmentally friendly fleet that meets customer needs. Currently, Oldendorff Carriers operates around 750 owned and chartered vessels.


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