MW and NATO exercise “Solidarity Belona” has ended in the Baltic Sea

NATO exercise

An operation to search for and neutralise dangerous objects on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, defence against air attacks, rescue operations with the participation of helicopters – these are some of the tasks of the completed operation of the Polish Navy and the NATO Standing Mine Defence Force Team “Solidarna Belona”.

Commander of the Maritime Operations Centre – Maritime Component Command Vice Admiral Krzysztof Jaworski at a briefing summarized the operation “Solidarna Belona” which ended on Friday.

The exercises involved 20 ships from six countries; on the Polish side there were 14 ships. The exercises were mainly aimed at searching for and neutralizing dangerous objects lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Moreover, there were exercised anti-air defence, protection of communication routes, episodes in the scope of sea rescue and cooperation within the North Atlantic Alliance. But above all, these exercises showed that Poland is a reliable partner of the North Atlantic Alliance – said Vice Admiral Jaworski.

In the “Solidary Belon” took part units of the 3rd Flotilla of Ships as well as the 8th Flotilla of Coastal Defence, including ships recently incorporated into service such as the patrol corvette ORP Ślązak, the mine destroyer ORP Kormoran and the tug H-1 Gniewko.

In the operation there were also involved coastal units, among others, the Maritime Missile Unit or the 6th Radioelectronic Centre, which on a daily basis support the actions of forces at sea.

“Solidary Belona” was conducted on the Baltic Sea, including Polish territorial waters, with the use of forces operating at sea, in the air, in water depths and on land.

In the operation participated: rocket frigate, submarine, rocket ships, transport-mining ship, mine defence ships, supply ships, support units and also professionally prepared to neutralize explosives Miner Divers Group of 12th minesweeper Squadron and 8th EOD Battalion ready to create infrastructure allowing to supply forces outside sea ports. Solidarity Belona will also allow integration of forces in different domains.

Aerospace interaction included defence against aerial attacks, covering a team of ships at sea and rescue operations. Su-22, MiG-29 aircraft, patrolling Bryza and W-3WARM helicopters participated.

Photo: Staff Ensign Mar. Piotr Leoniak/3.FO

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