More land for the development of the Port of Gdynia

Location of the plots in the Port of Gdynia
Location of the plots in the Port of Gdynia.

On 12 July the Governor of Pomerania handed over the ground of a total area of 11,817 m² to the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. with the right to use it without charge. The land is situated within the administrative boundaries of the seaport in Gdynia.

The parcel is still owned by the Treasury. The plot with the largest area (No. 26-266) – over 10 thousand m2, is located at 60 Kwiatkowskiego street is built up with a car park, built by PGA S.A. Two further plots (No. 26-232 of the area. 90 m2, and No. 23-2021 – of the area of 879 m2) are not developed.

They are necessary for the implementation of the investment project called: “Reconstruction and electrification of the outer track system of the Intermodal Railway Terminal and the access track No. 38 in the Port of Gdynia with the construction of railway traffic control devices”. This project is phase I the project for which EU funding is applied for called: “Development of rail access to the western part of the Port of Gdynia, Phase I and II “.

This task involves, on the one hand, the modernization of the railway tracks leading to the gate of intermodal container terminal (replacement of worn out tracks, electrification of the route and equipping it with modern traffic control systems), and on the other hand, the construction of a new railway siding in the Western Port (south side of logistic area in the Western Port), which will result in the establishment of the intermodal terminal able to handle trains with a length of approximately 700 m, in the area of development of Port of Gdynia logistics.

The last of the plots (No. 26-3071) – of the area of 55 m2 – is located in the reloading zone I and is a part of Silesian Quay (the mooring path is located there) and this plot is essential for the improvement of the development of the adjacent parcel.

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