Catalan beaches 6-10 metres narrower every year

Catalonia's beaches

Catalonia’s beaches, popular with tourists, are narrowing by 6 to 10 metres every year due to intensifying currents in the Mediterranean that wash away sand and violent weather events, among other reasons. This phenomenon is most evident in the regional capital, Barcelona.

A report published on Tuesday by the Barcelona provincial government, which is quoted by the Europa Press agency, shows that water is increasingly encroaching on Catalan beaches and the phenomenon is repeated every year.

The document, which has been compiled since 2017, shows that the process of coastal sand washing away is progressing particularly rapidly in the northern part of Barcelona province on most of the beaches there.

It pointed out that the local authorities’ efforts to slow down this process are hampered by the region’s numerous weather collapses, mainly storms.

The document also points out that in recent years sea currents have intensified, washing sand away from beaches in the Barcelona area and carrying it into the Mediterranean Sea.


rel. Portal Morski

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